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Our Family

Our Ownership
Z National Ambulance is a family owned mobile healthcare solutions group.
Z Since 2005, National Ambulance has provided turnkey mobile healthcare solutions.

Our Focus
Z Our core suite of business is emergency ambulance response and non-emergency medical transport services.
Z Our core clients are hospital and skilled nursing communities, as well as municipal 911.
ZOur reputation as a leading mobile healthcare solutions provider is built on; the people we employ, the clients we partner with.

Our Size
Z With over 150 employees and a fleet of 35 vehicles, housed in 65,000 square feet of facilities, managing over 35,000 calls annually and training hundreds of students annually.

Our Territory
Z National Ambulance is the provider of choice for numerous medical systems and healthcare plans throughout Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.
Z Contact us and allow us to design a high performance cost effective mobile healthcare service model that will best serve your patients.

Why Choose Us

The demands of healthcare reform continue to challenge current systems to seek higher levels of quality, as well as more efficient methods of patient care and flow.  National Ambulance goes well beyond being a point A to point B transport provider by delivering a comprehensive and innovative suite of emergency and non-emergency medical transport services. A strategic, value-based partnership with us can provide your system with the creativity, flexibility, insight and results-oriented focus that is needed to respond to today’s evolving healthcare industry.

By supporting flow, bed management, readmission mitigations, accreditations, patient satisfaction and outcome measures, National Ambulance helps our partners attain internal benchmarks while achieving tactical and strategic objectives.

As a committed provider and partner, National Ambulance is able to make appropriate modifications to meet the specific needs of our system partners, including but not limited to fleet size, branding, deployment configuration and staffing models.

Contact us and allow us to design a high performance cost effective mobile healthcare service model that will best serve your patients.


Our Mission

National Ambulance provides integrated, expert, and cost effective mobile health solutions, built through effective partnerships around the needs of the patients and communities we serve. Our Focus Is People.

Our Vision

National Ambulance will align with the ever changing healthcare environment to provide personalized care to every client.

Our Values

Customer Focused: I make decisions based on my customer needs.

Serve:  I gladly serve every client with a willing heart. 

Willing: I am willing to do whatever it takes to provide the highest level of service excellence.

Skill:  I will continually invest in self to increase my value to the community I care for. 

Compassion:  I will always remember the plight of my patients. 

Influence:  I will provide care that positively impacts the lives of my patients. 

Commitment:  I am invested in developing a lasting loyal and dependable relationship with my clients. 

Ownership:  I accept an ownership interest in my patients well being.

Responsible:  I am responsible for the lives that are entrusted to me. 

Accountable: I self manage, take responsibility for my decisions, words, actions and their implications.

Respectful:  I regard all human life as uniquely precious 

Appreciative:  I am appreciative for the opportunity to serve 

Morals:  I will conduct business with character and integrity 

Ethical: I strive to do the right thing.

Honest:  I am forthright and sincere in my responsibilities to everyone.

Morale:  I will maintain and promote positivity in our unified mission 

Team:  I am part of a complimentary team that cares efficiently and effectively and achieve desired outcomes. 

Safety:  I am safety conscious of my surroundings 

Diligence:  I pay attention to details when caring for our clients 

Innovative: I identify new people, services, processes, and devices that add value to our clients

Interested:  I am interested in investing the needed time and resources for our success.

Honorable:  I am proud of what I do and I collect an honorable reward for the services I provide.

Appearance: I am committed to a professional image through personal hygiene, appropriate attire, positive speech and actions.

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