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Ambulance Services

Advanced Life Support (ALS)
Z Primary 911 Response
Z Backup 911 Response
Z Facility Emergency Response
Z Event Standby Services

Basic Life Support (BLS)
Z Medical Stretcher Services
Z Bariatric Stretcher Services
Z Behavioral Health Services
Z Long Distance Services
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Specialty Services

Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)
Z Community Para Medicine
Specialty Care Transport (SCT)
Z Critical Medical Patients
Handicap Van Transport (HVT)
Z Wheelchair Services
Accounts Receivable
Z Billing & Collections
Community Involvement
Z Outreach & Education
Resource Management
Z Medical Dispatch
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Education Services

EMT Certification Services
Z Become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
Z Become a Paramedic

On-Going Education Services
Z Continuing Education
Z Compliance Training

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Automotive Fleet Maintenance

Z Medium and Light Duty Vehicles
Z Complete Fleet Service Center
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